Permanent Make Up

Eyebrows hair pigmentation

Eyebrows hair pigmentation

Contour shape, fill up, emphasize. Eyebrows are the frame of our face and give it a shape. They can even influence our charisma: With the right momentum in the brows that opens our eyes, we look more alert and more youthful. If they are in the right shape, we wish: Please stay that way forever! Although not quite forever, but at least for about 1 to 3 years, permanent make-up can fulfill this wish.
The result is particularly natural if you can make eyebrows hair pigmentation whereby every skin type needs a different treatment: eyebrows hair pigmentation, powder shading or a combination of both techniques. Since this treatment is not possible for all skin types, I can advise you on that matter. The delicately drawn hair pigmentation would blur after a short time and the durability is reduced - but there are 2 other treatments, so simply arrange consultation appointment - there is a solution for everyone.

Pelin Kocadele

About Me

Permament Make Up Spezialist

Qualified specialist at LONG-TIME-LINER® with more than 18 years of professional experience.

After 3 years of training (2001 - 2004) as a Linergist® in cosmetic and human medicine (with alopecia,harelip, scars and after chemotherapy etc.) I was employed as a permanent employee at LONG-TIME-LINER® from 2004 - 2007.

During this time I was able to gain experience at home and abroad (Mallorca , Zurich , Hamburg). I also spent some time at fairs in big cities like London, Düsseldorf and others. With joy and commitment I also took over the training of the students according to the LONG-TIME-LINER® method. Since March 2007 I have been working as an independent specialist for permanent make-up in Berlin.



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