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Medical correction

After surgical treatments, convalescence and camouflage pigmentation of the lips and mouth can be performed. For example, the cleft lip and palate (cleft calyx) is one of the most common congenital malformations on the face, especially in the oral and nasal area. The convalescent pigmentation can positively correct the appearance especially after operations, accidents and illnesses as well as the remaining scars. With a medical correction, cleft lip and palate can visually improved and the lip contour can be corrected. The upper lip is corrected by a lip reforming pigmentation with a lip color and the asymmetry of the lip shape is optically balanced. In the lower lip, only the contour is emphasized a bit more, but also here on individual wishes can be received. When scarring on the skin, the pigmentation color is adapted to the natural skin tone. The micropigmentation is a waterproof and smudge-resistant Conture® & Camouflage make-up that restores the aesthetic image.


Hair loss - Alopecia areata totalis

The medical permanent make up is specially designed for permanent scalp micro hair pigmentation. Here, color pigments are dotted or the scalp is pigmented with a fine hairline drawing. It is an alternative to expensive and painful hair transplantation or even a supplement. Hair loss (alopecia) is a permanent loss of hair, in which the unusual hair does not regrow in most cases. Most men are inherently genetically affected by it and in the beginning it starts with the so-called receding hairline or the circular hair loss (alopecia areata). Alopecia areata is an inflammatory hair loss disorder. It occurs in all age groups and is the second most common cause for hair loss, with women being more affected than men. Women usually suffer from hormonal hair loss. Here is a permanent pigmentation for optimal hair compression with immediate result. Whether men or women are affected by hair loss, they have one thing in common. It gnaws at self-confidence, they way older and way less attractive. With micropigmentation you finally have the option to opticallly remedy the alopecia and create better look of your hair.


Scars retouching/pigmentation

When treating the scars (camouflage pigmentation), the affected area of the body is pigmented by means of individually mixed colors, giving a feeling of safety and joie de vivre.


Before and after chemotherapy/breast reconstruction

Before and after chemotherapy
Patients undergoing chemotherapy appreciate the ability to use permanent make-up to bridge the period when hair often falls out. Due to the type-specific, subtle pigmentation corresponding to the original hairs, the pigmentation can be faded again here after regrowth of the hair. Often, the costs of treatment are also covered by health insurance. Inform yourself in advance with your personal supervisor of your health insurance. In treatment, the medical aspect and safety are most important. I would be happy to advise you in advance on the phone.
Breast reconstruction/Mammilla pigmentation
During pigmentation (often after an operative breast build-up) of the nipple and the nipple vestibule (Mammilla pigmentation), exactly this area of the breast is restored by pigmenting shape, color, position and size using different colors in 3D optics.


Scalp Micropigmentation

The medical permanent make up is specially designed for permanent scalp micro hair pigmentation - scalp pigmentation. Here, color pigments are dotted or the scalp is pigmented with a fine hairline drawing. It is an alternative to expensive and painful hair transplantation or even a supplement. With the scalp micropigmentation, you finally have the opportunity to visually remedy the alopecia and counteract the aesthetic looks of your hair with help of micro hair pigmentation.


Lips and liplight

The lips can contribute to a natural appearance through a clear contour with full shading.
Every morning the same procedure? Your lips do not appear full, the makeup takes a lot of time and the result is not always satisfying? Meanwhile, women are increasingly choosing permanent solution; Permanent make-up that does not need to be smudged or ironed. With Permanent Make Up, your lips just always look good.


Eyeliner and eyelash enhancement

The eyelash enhancement makes your eyelash hairs looks natural, inconspicuous but impressive. The eyelash enhancement creates a fine line between each eyelash hairline, making the eyelashes look fuller and denser.
Fine to strong lines for eyeliners. An eyelid line over the eyelashes makes your view strong, and open and visually ,makes eyes look bigger. How intense and decorative it should be depends on your wishes.
Eyes Permanent make-up can also be applied in the form of an eyelid line on the lower edge of the eyelid Important to know: The line is then under the eyelashes, not on the waterline. Also on the lower eyelid the lines can be drawn in different intensities.


Eyebrows hair pigmentation

Contour shape, fill up, emphasize. Eyebrows are the frame of our face and give it a shape. They can even influence our charisma: With the right momentum in the brows that opens our eyes, we look more alert and more youthful. If they are in the right shape, we wish: Please stay that way forever! Although not quite forever, but at least for about 1 to 3 years, permanent make-up can fulfill this wish.
The result is particularly natural if you can make eyebrows hair pigmentation whereby every skin type needs a different treatment: eyebrows hair pigmentation, powder shading or a combination of both techniques. Since this treatment is not possible for all skin types, I can advise you on that matter. The delicately drawn hair pigmentation would blur after a short time and the durability is reduced - but there are 2 other treatments, so simply arrange consultation appointment - there is a solution for everyone.


Powder shading

Depending on the skin type, a different pigmentation method is recommended. The powder shade is suitable for every skin type. In this method, an individual shade is selected and pigmented as a powder shade. Result are naturally shaded eyebrows in light or dark according to taste and desire.


Combination of powder shading and eyebrows pigmentation

This method is suitable for all skin types, where here as the name suggests (combination of both techniques) fine small hairs in natural growth direction are pigmented and the interstices are lightly shaded. A beautiful natural, expressive effect can be achieved with it. The result is full and even eyebrows.

Pelin Kocadele

About Me

Permament Make Up Spezialist

Qualified specialist at LONG-TIME-LINER® with more than 18 years of professional experience.

After 3 years of training (2001 - 2004) as a Linergist® in cosmetic and human medicine (with alopecia,harelip, scars and after chemotherapy etc.) I was employed as a permanent employee at LONG-TIME-LINER® from 2004 - 2007.

During this time I was able to gain experience at home and abroad (Mallorca , Zurich , Hamburg). I also spent some time at fairs in big cities like London, Düsseldorf and others. With joy and commitment I also took over the training of the students according to the LONG-TIME-LINER® method. Since March 2007 I have been working as an independent specialist for permanent make-up in Berlin.



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